Privacy Policy
Meizu Telecom Equipment Co., Ltd. and its affiliates (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Meizu”, “we”, “our”, or “us”) understand the importance of privacy to users and we respect and devote ourselves to the protection of your right of privacy. Therefore, we formulate this Privacy Policy, covering how we collect, use, disclose, protect, transmit, and store your Personal Information in your use of our website, mobile applications, or services. The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to help you understand what data we will collect, why we collect that data, how we will use that data, and how we will protect that data, understanding of which by you is very important to you in your exercise of personal rights and protection of your Personal Information. You should read carefully this Privacy Policy before using this product (or service).
This Privacy Policy will help you understand the following contents:
Personal Information: refers to any information that is recorded in electronic or any other form and can identify a specific natural person or reflect the act of a specific natural person, individually or in combination with Other Information.
Personal Sensitive Information: including ID card number, personal biometric identification information, bank account number, property information, track, transaction information, the Personal Information of a child who has not reached the age of fourteen, etc.
Deletion of Personal Information: refers to deletion of Personal Information from the system used for realizing common business functions so that it cannot be retrieved or accessed.
Other Information: refers to the server data that may be received from a website or an application and recorded by this product automatically when you use this product/service, including but not limited to basic recorded information reflected clearly and objectively at the server-side of the products or services of this product such as keywords inserted by you, logs and records of your access to web pages, and the operating state, network environment, and abnormal logs of the products or services of this product. The aforementioned basic recorded information and other information that cannot identify you are not your Personal Information.
You undertake that you are an adult when you start to use this product/service. If you are a child who has not reached the age of fourteen, your use of this application is subject to the consent of your guardian and to your guardian’s agreement on relevant application service terms.
If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or our collection, use, disclosure, transmission, or storage of your Personal Information, you may contact our data protection officer by the E-mail address
In general, we will give you a reply within thirty days.
If you are dissatisfied with our reply, in particular when processing of your Personal Information by us harms your lawful rights and interest, you may file a lawsuit with a people’s court of competent jurisdiction or file a complaint with the industry self-regulatory association or relevant regulatory department of government.
I. How We Collect and Use Your Personal Information
1. What data and information Meizu may collect
When you use our product or service, we will collect clear and lawful information that is necessary for the product or service selected by you. If you refuse to provide your Personal Information, we probably cannot provide you with relevant product or service, neither can we respond to or resolve your problems. Depending on the product or service selected by you, we may collect the following information:
1.1 The information that may be collected by us when you use the product or service:
(1) Device information, mainly including the name, model, region and language settings, device identifier (such as IMEI number), hardware information and state, using habit, IP address, Mac address, and operating system version of the device, as well as device settings for access.
(2) Application information, mainly including list of applications, version of application, records of application states (downloading, installation, update, and deletion), software identifier, and application settings (such as region, language, time zone, and font).
(3) Log information, mainly including the access time, number of times of access, duration of access, IP address accessed by you, words searched by you, and event information (such as error, crash, restart, and upgrading) in involved in your use of a website or an application.
(4) Location information, i.e., the information on your use of location-based service, mainly including country code, city code, mobile network code, longitude and latitude, device location, and WiFi geographical location.
(5) Other Information, which is not directly or indirectly related to an individual and are common, anonymous, or desensitized, mainly including other information on your use of a service such as number of website visits, number of application downloads, and sales volume of a product. The type and number of the information collected depend on your use, joining, or participation in our product or service. We will collect summarized statistical information for the purpose of understanding how the users are using our products and services so that we can improve our services and meet the users’ needs better.
1.2 The information provided by you directly:
(1) When you register Flyme account or create an account or complete your personal data as required by us, we may require you to provide the following information to complete your account setting: name, gender, nationality, date of birth, mobile phone number, E-mail address, user name, account security settings, nickname, and avatar photo.
(2) In order to meet the requirements of certain jurisdiction on account real-name system, game anti-addiction system, or internet payment, we may require you to provide your identification certificate issued by the government or relevant card or certificate information that may identify you.
(3) If you order a product with us or apply to us for returning goods, for refund, or for using a paid service, we may collect your relevant financial information, mainly including detail of delivery, bank account number, detail of credit card, billing address, credit check, any other financial information, and the records of contacts and communications so that we can process your request.
(4) We may require you to provide and collect your Personal Information under other circumstances, including lucky draws, competition, or participation in the promotional or marketing activities organized by us or our business partner.
1.3 Information obtained from a third party:
To the extent permitted by law, we may obtain your data from public or commercial source and combine that data with other information that are received by us or relating to you. If you log in to our service through a third-party account (such as QQ, WeChat, Alipay, Weibo, or DingTalk), we may also obtain your information, such as user name and avatar, through such service.
2. How we use your information
Your Personal Information may be used for the following purposes:
2.1 Registering Flyme account so that you can use more of our functions and services;
2.2 Registering and activating certain products and services purchased by you from us;
2.3 Processing your purchase order and providing relevant after-sale services, mainly including confirmation of, modification of, and delivery under a purchase order, invoice printing, customer support and/or after-sale services;
2.4 Sending to you the notice on update and installation of an operating system or application;
2.5 Carrying out relevant promotional activities, for example, providing you with the promotional or marketing materials and the updates thereof;
2.6 Providing you with personalized user experience and contents;
2.7 Sending to you the information on a product or service in which you may be interested, inviting you to participate in a promotional activity or market survey, or sending marketing information to you. If you do not want to receive any information of this type, you may unsubscribe at any time;
2.8 Permitting you to make comments at a public forum;
2.9 Carrying out sales promotions, such as lucky draws or social media activities;
2.10 Carrying out internal audit or data analysis and research, analyzing the efficiency of business operation, and balancing market share to improve our products and services;
2.11 Optimizing the device performance, for example, analyzing the memory usage of the application or the CUP usage rate by an application;
2.12 Carrying out error log analysis with the error information or crash event information. After you join the “User Experience Program”, we will collect your device information, operation behavior data, location information, log information, etc. to carry out statistical analysis and improve the user experience and product performance;
2.13 Authenticating your identity, analyzing the efficiency of business operation, reviewing transactions, and preventing fraud with the data provided by you. We will use statistical data only and such use will not be in connection with you;
2.14 When you use our service, using location information to provide the service of correct version and provide you with better user experience, such as weather information and location access, on the basis of accurate location by us or any third-party service provider. You may disable a location service or the use of a location service by an application in your Settings at any time;
2.15 Improving our loss prevention and anti-fraud program;
2.16 After your mobile phone is lost or stolen, locating such mobile phone on the map with the location information provided by such mobile phone, wiping the contents in such mobile phone, or locking such mobile phone. When you look for your mobile phone, the system will obtain location information through your mobile device; under certain circumstances, such information may be obtained by the community signal tower or WiFi hotspot. You may enable or disable such function at any time;
2.17 Using your Personal Information for other purposes with your consent. To use your information for any purpose not specified herein, we will obtain your prior consent; to use your information that has been collected for a specific purpose for any other purpose, we will obtain your prior consent. Without the consent of a user, we will not provide such user’s Personal Information or behavior data to any third party.
II. How We Use Cookie and Similar Technologies
1. Cookie. Cookie is a kind of text file stored on a computer or mobile device by web server. Cookie contents can be retrieved or read only by the web server that has created it. Each Cookie is unique to your web browser or mobile application. In general, Cookie contains identifier, site name, and some numbers and characters. We may use Cookie, label, and script to analyze trend, manage website, trace users’ web activities, and collect the statistical information on a whole user group. We will receive individual or summarized analysis report on collection by the aforementioned technologies. We will not use a Cookie for any purpose not specified herein. You may manage or delete a Cookie according to your preference. You may also wipe all Cookies stored on your computer and most web browsers have the function of preventing Cookies. If you wipe Cookies, you will need to modify your use settings each time you visit our website. In addition, Cookie is required for our certain services and disabled Cookie may affect your use of all or a part of the functions of those services.
2. Log files. Like most websites, we collect specific information and store it in log files. Such information may include IP address, browser type, internet service provider (ISP), referring/exit pages, operating system, datestamp/timestamp and/or click stream data. We will not link the automatically collected log data with Other Information collected by us.
III. How We Disclose Your Personal Information
1. We may share, from time to time only for facilitating provision of products or services for you, a part of your Personal information with our affiliates or cooperative partners who provide products or services for us. Your Personal Information will not be shared with any third party for the marketing or commercial purpose of such third party.
(1) We may share your Personal Information with our affiliates. We will share necessary and reasonable Personal Information only with our affiliates, subject to the purpose specified herein. To change the purpose of processing your Personal Information, our affiliate will obtain your prior authorization or consent.
(2) Our certain services will be provided by our authorized cooperative partner only for realizing the purpose specified herein to a necessary, reasonable, and lawful extent. We may share your certain Personal Information with our cooperative partners so as to provide you with better customer services and user experience. Our authorized cooperative partners mainly include telecommunication operators, regional sales agents, logistics companies, cloud service providers, technical service providers, and after-sale service providers. For example, when you use application of the security center, a third-party service provider will scan viruses and clean the space of your mobile phone. When analyzing your error log, we may need to provide your log information to a third-party service provider of corresponding application or professional technical service provider; to deliver your order, we need to provide your name, address, and telephone number to a logistics company; when you need to have your product repaired, we will provide your name, telephone number, mobile phone model, and device identifier (such as IMEI number) to an after-sale service provider.
(3) In the case of merger, acquisition, or bankruptcy liquidation, if your Personal Information is transferred, we will require the new company or organization holding your Personal Information to be bound by this Privacy Policy; otherwise, we will ask such company or organization to obtain your separate authorization or consent.
2. We will share your Personal Information only for lawful, legitimate, necessary, specific, and clear purpose and only share the Personal Information as necessary for providing you with services. Our cooperative partners have no right to use your Personal Information for any other purpose.
3.We may publicly disclose your Personal Information only:
(1) With your express consent;
(2) As required by law. When your Personal Information has to be disclosed as required by laws, summons, other legal proceedings, actions, or competent government department, we may disclose your such Personal Information if we believe in good faith that such disclosure is necessary for protecting our rights, your security, or the security of others, investigating fraud, or responding to government requirements.
IV. How We Protect Your Personal Information
1. We have adopted security measures meeting industry standards to protect the Personal Information provided by you and prevent data from unauthorized access, public disclosure, use, modification, damage, or loss. All of your Personal Information will be stored in a secure server and protected in controlled facilities.
We classify your data by importance and sensitivity of that data and ensure that your Personal Information is protected at the highest security level.
We warrant that each of our employees or third-party service providers that provide you with products or services by accessing such information will be bound by strict contractual confidentiality obligations. If any such employee or third-party provider fails to perform those obligations, such employee or third-party provider shall bear corresponding liability and/or the cooperation with such third-party provider will be terminated.
In addition, we have established special access control measures for cloud-based data storage.
When transmitting or storing your Personal Information of special type, we will adopt security measures such as encryption; before storing personal biometric identification information, we will process such information with technical measures, for example, we will store the summary of personal biometric identification information only.
The security of your information is very important to us. Therefore, we will always try to protect the security of your information and take security measures such as encryption in the whole course of storage and transmission of your information so as to prevent your information from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure. In addition, no person, except a user, has the right to access specific contents of such user’s encrypted data.
In sum, we will review the collection, storage, and processing of information regularly, including physical security measures, so as to prevent any unauthorized access and use.
2. However, it should be noted that no website, internet transmission, computer system, or wireless connection is absolutely secure although we have taken reasonable measures to protect your information. Therefore, we are unable to warrant the security or integrity of Personal Information in the process of two-way internet transmission.
3. After a Personal Information security accident happens, we will inform in time you of the following according to laws and regulations: basic conditions of the security accident, potential influence of the security accident, the treatment measures that will be or have been taken by us, our suggestions on your prevention from and reduction of risks, and remedial measures to be taken for you. We will inform by E-mail, mail, telephone, or push notification you of relevant conditions of the accident. If it is difficult to inform each subject of information, we will release an announcement by reasonable and effective means. In addition, we will report treatment of the Personal Information security accident according to the requirements of the competent regulatory authority.
V. Your Data Subject Rights
In order to facilitate you to access, correct, or delete your Personal Information in your use of our services and ensure that you have the right to withdraw your permit to use your Personal Information, we provide corresponding operation settings in our product design and you may operate by referring the following guidelines. If you have any questions, advice, or suggestions on your data subject rights, you may contact us by the contact information first stated herein and exercise your relevant rights.
1. Unless laws or regulations otherwise stipulate, you have the right to access your Personal Information. You may log in to the Flyme account to access your Personal Information provided by you when you register the Flyme account.
2. You may access or edit personal basic data or information or payment information in your Flyme account, change the password of your Flyme account, add security information to your Flyme account, or close your Flyme account by “Account Management”.
3. If you are unable to access your Personal Information by the aforementioned ways, you may contact us through Meizu Customer Service. We will give a reply to your access request within thirty days.
4. We will provide, at your request, you with other Personal Information that may be generated in your use of our products or services.
5. You may log in to your Flyme account and delete your account information directly, and we will respond to your deletion request in time. If you delete relevant information from our service, we probably cannot delete corresponding information in the server immediately, but we will delete such information when we update the server.
6. You may submit a request for deleting Personal Information to us if:
(1) Our processing of the Personal Information violates any laws or regulations;
(2) We collect or use your Personal Information without your express consent;
(3) Our processing of the Personal Information materially breaches the agreement with you;
(4) You will not use our products or services any more or your has cancelled your Meizu account;
(5) We will never provide you with products or services.
7. You may change the scope of Personal Information that may be collected by us as authorized by you or withdraw you authorization by deleting information, disabling device functions, or completing privacy setting in the terminal device or application. You understand that certain Personal Information is required for achieving every business function and, after you withdraw your consent or authorization, we will be unable to continue providing you with the service needing such consent or authorization and will never process your corresponding Personal Information. However, withdrawal of your consent or authorization will not affect the processing of your Personal Information based on your previous authorization.
8. It should be noted that we may authenticate your identity before processing your request for the sake of security. In principle, we will not charge any fee for your reasonable request. However, we will charge, as appropriate, certain costs for your repeated or unreasonable requests. We may reject any requests that are repeated for no reason, need too many technological means, pose risks to others’ lawful rights and interests, or are extremely unpractical. In addition, we may be unable to respond to your requests that directly involve the matters of public interests such as state security, national defense security, public health, and criminal investigation or may seriously damage the lawful rights and interests of you, any other individual, or any organization.
VI. Protection of Children’s Personal Information
We pay special attention to the protection of children’s Personal Information and urge guardians to educate and guide children to raise the awareness and capacity of protecting Personal Information so as to secure children’s Personal Information. Children are not the target users of our services/products and we will not specially collect children’s Personal Information. We will abide by all provisions of this Privacy Policy in our collection, storage, use, transfer, or disclosure of Children’s information. If a child or his/her guardian has any request for or advice on protection of the child’s Personal Information, he/she may contact our data protection officer by the E-mail address
VII. Third-Party Links and Their Products and Services
There may be links at/in our website, applications, products, or services to any third-party websites, products, or services.
All the links to those third-party websites, products, or services are provided only for the convenience of the users. We have no control over those third parties and make no warranties, express or implied, on the contents of those links, and those links shall not be deemed as our recommendation or authorization of the contents of those links. In addition, we have no control over a third party’s privacy policy or data protection policy and such third party is not bound by this Privacy Policy.
You should judge, in your sole discretion, the interactions between you and those links. Before submitting Personal Information to a third party, you should read and refer to such third party’s privacy policy and we may assume no liability to you in this regard.
VIII. Location and Term of Data Storage
1. Location of data storage
We are a globally operated company with our headquarters located in the People’s Republic of China. At present, we have data centers respectively in Mainland China and Hong Kong. We will store the Personal Information of the users from Mainland China that may be collected by us or generated under this service within the territory of the People’s Republic of China and will not transfer or transmit such Personal Information outside the territory of the People’s Republic of China.
2. Term of data storage
We will retain your Personal Information only within the period that is necessary for achieving the purposes specified herein and will delete or anonymously process such Personal Information after the expiry of such period, except to the extent that laws or regulations otherwise stipulate.
Your following information will be kept for one year: client-side information of the Meizu App Store (including the version number and downloading channel of the client-side, and the time when you open/close the client-side), application information (including the list of installed applications, the history of application downloads and installations, and the application search history), comments and the country/area where the comments are made, client-side click data, application exposure data, and application uninstallation data.
Your following information will be kept for three years: device information, identity information, transaction information, location information, client-side information of the Meizu Pay, award receipt information (including telephone number, address, and contact), gift redeem code, gift collecting record, coupon information, coupon usage record and the country/area where the coupon is used, your IP address, network information, the longitude and latitude, etc.
Your Meizu account information, including your Meizu account, nickname, and avatar, will be kept before and by the date when you delete your Meizu account.
In addition, when the operation of our product or service is stopped, we will notify you by push notification or announcement and delete or anonymously process your Personal Information within a reasonable period.
IX. Update of This Privacy Policy
This Privacy Policy may be changed.
1. Without your express consent, we will not limit your rights under this Privacy Policy. We will release any change of this Privacy Policy on a special page (Settings>About>Privacy Policy).
2. We will notify you of any material change by more obvious means (including pop-up notice of change). Material changes referred to herein include but are not limited to:
(1) Material change in our service mode, such as the purpose of processing Personal Information, the type of Personal Information to be processed, and the form of use of Personal Information;
(2) Material change of control, such as the change of control arising from M&A or reorganization;
(3) Any high risk shown by the report on Personal Information security impact assessment;
(4) Material change in your rights to participate in processing of Personal Information or exercise of those rights;
(5) Change of our department that is responsible for the security of Personal Information, the contact information of such department, or the channel for complaints.
This Privacy Policy shall become effective as of the date of update.
Latest update: May, 2019